PATCH: [Bug 83064] SMB URI syntax error

David Faure faure at
Mon Aug 9 14:51:33 BST 2004

On Friday 30 July 2004 14:32, Dawit A. wrote:
> The ftp match was removed because there 
> are http sites that start with ftp to denote that they are web frontends to 
> an ftp location and as such assuming appending the default protocol to 
> everything that starts with "ftp." is not full proof. Moreover, this can be 
> added by the user as seen fit to their own kshorturifilterrc file.

I disagree with that change. is an FTP site, as the "ftp." denotes.
Yes, some ftp sites can also be http sites, but it's easy to type
in such a (more seldom) case. supports both, but not all ftp sites do. Did any user complain that turns into I don't see any reason for this change.

The fact that it's configurable doesn't change anything - this could also be an
argument for not changing it, me telling you "you can always configure it locally"... :)

> That means now entering things of the form "blah:" will result in a 
> search using the default search engine.
Hmm, is this related to ?

> All these changes pass the regression test in kio/tests/kurifiltertest.
Well you changed it accordingly :)

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