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Torsten Rahn tackat at
Sat Aug 7 10:14:35 BST 2004

On Saturday 07 August 2004 13:58, Arend van Beelen jr. wrote:
> > OK, I got enough feedback. Thanks everyone. I leave it in and hope Arend
> > fixes the "no easy way to get it disabled" soon (this time there are even
> > bug reports about it :)
> With soon being KDE4, I think that's very reasonable. I think a decent

From talking to other developers and judging from the release schedule of Qt4 
as well as judging from experience with the KDE 2 release I'd say that you 
should rather target for KDE 3.4.  But whether KDE 3.4 or KDE 4 should be our 
next aim still needs to be discussed during aKademy.

Torsten Rahn

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