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Arend van Beelen jr. arend at
Sat Aug 7 12:58:31 BST 2004

On Saturday 07 August 2004 10:42, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Am Samstag 07 August 2004 02:01 schrieb Guillaume Laurent:
> > Do you think, or do you actually know ? Honestly I'd be very surprised if
> > that was the case, unless KDE is used by a very small group of people all
> > knowing each other.
> OK, I got enough feedback. Thanks everyone. I leave it in and hope Arend
> fixes the "no easy way to get it disabled" soon (this time there are even
> bug reports about it :)
With soon being KDE4, I think that's very reasonable. I think a decent 
Extension Manager for Konqueror is long overdue and this should ultimately 
solve the problem, for *all* addons. Of course, for KDE 3.3 this is slightly 
too late, but I'll work on this after the freeze (maybe aKademy's a good 

Arend van Beelen jr.

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