[PATCH] ksplash progressbar (#86441)

ravi at ece.osu.edu ravi at ece.osu.edu
Fri Aug 6 18:38:11 BST 2004

Hi all,
  I apologize for not being able to look into this right now. I have not
had access to a computer with KDE for a couple of months, and will not
do so until the end of this month. As soon as I do, I will be back
fixing KSplashML issues on a regular basis. Until then, could someone
(perhaps Brian, the original author) take care of fixing urgent bugs?
  As for the HOWTO issue, the KSplashML handbook has a detailed HOWTO on
creating/modifying themes (both C++ theme engines and pixel-based


>  Hello,
>  (what'd expect fixing something as seemingly simple would take more than
> 5
> minutes?)
>  In case you don't know, the progressbar in the 3.1 splashscreen served
> the
> following purpose: It was hidden until ksmserver started launching
> session-saved apps, and then it showed the progress of this. Since 3.2,
> the
> progressbar does two things:
> - cuts of the first text about launching dcopserver (#86441 and its
> dupes),
> thus making the nice first impression we're lame
> - shows exactly the same progress like the icons, thus making us look even
> more lame
>  From the technical point of view, I've additionally found out KSplashML
> is
> not a fully KSplash replacement, as it handles the DCOP signals from
> ksmserver incorrectly and moreover it completely lacks the two DCOP
> signals
> ksmserver uses to announce the session restoration progress.
>  Attached are two attempts at fixing this. First one implements the
> missing
> functionality and should match KSplash's behaviour. Since it seems the
> interface for KSplashML themes should stay BC, I had to use the two calls
> up-to-now used for the whole progress. Since I couldn't find any KSplashML
> themes HOWTO, I guess that can be considered part of fixing the problem, I
> checked all themes in CVS and they still work.
>  Plan B patch is just a subset of the large one, only hidding the
> progressbar
> completely (and fixing blinking of the first icon, no idea why it was
> explicitly disabled).
>  If this makes it in in time for RC1, and somebody has an idea for fixing
> #68643 (wrong colors in the progressbar), I'd suggest using the large
> patch.
> Since I won't have net access tommorrow, somebody please do the commit.
> --
> Lubos Lunak
> KDE developer
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