google search bar

Torsten Rahn torsten.rahn at
Fri Aug 6 10:02:37 BST 2004

Am Freitag, 6. August 2004 10:54 schrieb Stephan Kulow:
> Hi!
> Do you remember if there was a wish requesting the google search bar? I'm
> unable to find one - but I find several that are either confused how to
> disable it or request  it to disable it by default.
> As I actually never used it, I wonder if it's not feasable to deactivate it
> by default. Without finding that wish, I can't even claim it's on because
> it got x votes.
> Greetings, Stephan

The most requested wish is to make the toolbars less crowded. So ideally the 
Google-bar should not be activated by default. IMHO the location bar should 
act as a google bar by default (i.e. if no URL-prefix is given it should work 
like gg:). 


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