sound set for kde 3.3: complete

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Thu Aug 5 23:49:15 BST 2004

On Monday 02 August 2004 20:28, Artemio wrote:

> Thank you very much. Today I got the CVS digest newsletter and the new 
> sounds seem to have gotten into the KDE finally. I don't know who exactly is 
> responsible for this long-awaited work. Scott, was that you? ;-) (I mean 
> Scott Wheeler).

Yes -- I got around to making the necessary changes to the rest of KDE.  I 
actually CC'ed you on the commit, so you should have gotten notification as 
soon as they were added.  While a couple of the sounds could use some 
refinement (notably the beep is pretty rough), in general things seem to fit 

For me the most important thing at this point is an explicit license.

I'd assume that either GPL, LGPL, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 
[1] or Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 [2] would be acceptable.  
Traditionally I think we've used the LGPL for artwork.  To me the CC licenses 
seem to be better suited, though I suppose that's a subject of debate.

Could you decide on one of these and state such on your website?  I'll then 
write that, along with your copyright into the Vorbis comments and put a text 
file in that directory.



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