sound set for kde 3.3: complete

Artemio theman at
Mon Aug 2 19:28:44 BST 2004


Sorry I couldn't reply to this earlier. I've been having a sort of a vacation, 
I really needed a rest off my PC.

You wrote:
> Very nice job!  You have every right to "buzz about this".  This is some
> really great work, and many of the old default sounds badly needed
> replacing.
Thank you very much. Today I got the CVS digest newsletter and the new sounds 
seem to have gotten into the KDE finally. I don't know who exactly is 
responsible for this long-awaited work. Scott, was that you? ;-) (I mean 
Scott Wheeler).

> KDE_Window_DeIconify.ogg
> The attack on the second note is too harsh.  It's kind of jarring.
I will work on this one.

> KDE_Beep.ogg
> A bit too much square wave in this one.  It's unpleasant.  The beep should
> get your attention without giving you the "fingernails on chalkboard"
> effect.
I agree. This week I am back to studio work, and I will try to create a better 
beep sound.

> KDE_Window_Open.ogg
> KDE_Window_Close.ogg
> Not a big deal, but these seem backward to me.  
Yes, this was my mistake in naming. Fixed ;-)

> KDE_Dialog_Appear.wav       -> KDE_Dialogue_Appear.ogg
> KDE_Dialog_Disappear.wav    -> KDE_Dialogue_Disappear.ogg
> The spelling "Dialog" is used throughout KDE and Qt, not to mention
> computer docs in general, and should probably be maintained for
> consistency.

As I said, this week I plan polishing the sound set so it gets into KDE 3.3 RC 
1 (?). Thanks again for your comments and good luck!


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