dropping kmidi?

Adriaan de Groot adridg at cs.kun.nl
Fri May 30 23:49:32 BST 2003

On Wednesday 28 May 2003 13:30, Antonio Larrosa Jiménez wrote:
> Yes, it could replace it, but there are some (small) problems with it:
> 2) It only works with ALSA and afaik, there are some distributions that are
> still using OSS instead of a real sound driver.
> IMHO, 2 shouldn't be a problem, because sooner or later they should change
> to ALSA, and 1 and 3 only need someone to fix some small things in kmid,

As soon as ALSA changes its name to AAPKSSA (Advanced All Platforms KDE 
Supports Sound Architecture) - or kmidi changes to LOkmidi (Linux Only KMidi) 
- fine, this kind of change makes sense. But don't forget that KDE is not 

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