dropping kmidi?

Antonio Larrosa Jiménez larrosa at kde.org
Wed May 28 12:30:16 BST 2003

El Wednesday 28 May 2003 02:20, Dirk Mueller escribió:
> On Mit, 28 Mai 2003, Antonio Larrosa Jiménez wrote:
> > Run latest timidity (not the one from kmidi, I mean, the real
> > timidity++) with -iA (if I'm not wrong, I'm saying it by memory) and
> > then configure kmid to use it, et voilá! you have kmid with software
> > synthesizer. Don't forget to use good patches like the ones from
> > eawpatches.
> That reminds me.. why do we ship this outdated TIMIDITY with kmidi?

No idea, but it's not only outdated, it's OUTDATED.

> kmid + real TIMIDITY would be the replacement right?

Yes, it could replace it, but there are some (small) problems with it:

1) It's not trivial for the user that he has to run timidity -iA before 
running kmid (although it would be possible to run it from kmid).
2) It only works with ALSA and afaik, there are some distributions that are 
still using OSS instead of a real sound driver.
3) According to Chris, it still has some bugs that need to be fixed. So 
someone should have a look at it as currently I can't.

IMHO, 2 shouldn't be a problem, because sooner or later they should change 
to ALSA, and 1 and 3 only need someone to fix some small things in kmid, 
anybody wants to help? If not, I'll try to have a look in July.


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