Ambiguity of KStdAccel::home()

Ellis Whitehead ellis at
Sun May 25 13:48:27 BST 2003

On Tuesday 13 May 2003 06:58, Pascal L├ętourneau wrote:
> Hi
> I think the name KStdAccel::home() is too general (and its doc is wrong,
> see patch). Maybe these methods should be introduced:
> documentOrigin() Default Shortcut: Ctrl-Home
> lineOrigin() Default Shortcut: Home
> homeDocument() Default Shortcut: Alt-Home
> The last one could be used by konqueror to go to $HOME.
> Opinions?
> Pascal L├ętourneau

Hi Pascal,

This is a bit late, but I wasn't around.

I'll have to look it over a bit more carefully, but your suggestion seems like 
a good one.  I don't think homeDocument() should go into KStdAccel though, 
since it's so konqueror specific, but Back and Forward are in there already, 
so we'll have to give it some thought.  Maybe Back and Forward should be 
deprecated for KStdAccel...

Does anything speak in favor of having Back and Forward in KStdAccel, David?


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