ksplashml theme plugins

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at conectiva.com.br
Wed May 21 15:50:46 BST 2003


After saw some discussion about new ksplashml plugins and themes, i think that 
there are some misunderstand about add or not the pluguin themes.
Current ksplashml have just the older ( pre KDE 2. ) default plugin theme, the 
single non animated splash.
To achieve other behaviours, as current KDE splash, or xplike, os macos like, 
we need add the themeplugins. Here's the point: not the themes, as Dirk 
pointed and i agreee with him ( kdebase is not place to themes ), but the 
basic theme engines, which in my point of view is really needed.
If eceryone agree's i had the subdirs ready to add to CVS, and just already 
discussed with ksplashml maintainer..


Helio Chissini de Castro
KDE Developer
Development - Conectiva S.A.
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