-platform linux-g++-objprelink still useful?

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Mon May 19 16:47:25 BST 2003

On Mon, 19 Mai 2003, Adriaan de Groot wrote:

> unlimited bandwidth and no need of guaranteed stability for their systems.
> People with expensive dialup, and corporate responsibilities wrt. the
> testing and integration of every upgrade on their systems may not be quite
> so pleased.

You're forgetting an important point here: objprelink was never officially 
supported, and it was never stable. Removing support for something broken 
and replacing it with something that works is a good thing. 

And anyway, KDE was _far_ _away_ from _requiring_ objprelink. KDE works fine 
without it. it might be a bit slower though, but hey, thats life. if you 
don't run glibc 2.3.x you're not interested in performance anyway. 

Its nice to see such a talk for supporting "old" systems for a longer 
period, but none of your points actually apply here. 


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