BIC in kdeui/keditcl2.cpp

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Mon May 19 13:55:53 BST 2003


 would it be please possible to rewrite this
 in a way that doesn't involve using private classes, thus avoiding breaking 
when the private classes change? Good luck that I didn't forget my crystal 
ball today, so that I spent only about half an hour finding out why KWin 
crashes on QTextParagraph::str being NULL when there was absolutely no way 
how it could be so (my crystal ball says it was so because I compiled with 
-O0, which cause out-of-line copies of some inline functions from 
qrichtext_p.h, and those took precedence over the correct ones from Qt).

 If API of the public classes doesn't provide everything necessary to 
implement the method in KEdit, send them a patch, so that it gets in Qt in 
time for Qt3.2final. My crystal ball says that it can possibly break even 
with -O2. I don't care that much if e.g. Stano wants to have fun using 
QRichText internals in KBabel, but we definitely must avoid such things in 

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