Problem with .desktop files (?)

Michael Goffioul goffioul at
Mon May 19 08:30:18 BST 2003

I used to have the same problem. But the CVS from last night does not
have it anymore.


> Can anyone confirm this?
> Andras
> On Saturday 2003 May 17 11:29, Andras Mantia wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >  Since the last update of kdelibs/kdebase/qt-copy, I see a serious problem:
> > if I browse with ftp/sftp/http (but not file:/ !) a directory, after
> > clicking on a non-html file (like text, zip, etc.) where an external
> > application is specified instead of an embedded viewer, Konqueror shows the
> > "Open xxx using Appname" question, and even if I select Open or Save As
> > nothing happens. It's not opened, the Save As dialog is not shown. Just
> > like I would press Cancel. This is very grave, as it also breaks
> > downloading.
> > Eg use:
> >
> > It will as the same dialog, but you cannot save the resulting file.

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