-platform linux-g++-objprelink still useful?

Cristian Tibirna tibirna at kde.org
Sun May 18 18:38:47 BST 2003

On Sunday, 18 May 2003 13:01, Neil Stevens wrote:
> Can someone explain to me why slightly old free systems are treated with
> more hostility than any non-free tools?  People never seem this eager to
> remove all traces of support for non-free systems.  Why remove what was,
> not too long ago, the best free stuff available?

Possible explanations:
1) Help people use the new technologies (or new versions of the old 
technology) instead of the old one, as the new ones offer more 
2) Cleanup of a code that, being freely developed, shouldn't become more 
difficult to maintain than strictly necessary (in my book, needing ifdefs for 
platforms/features/configs is plain cruelty)
3) implement new standards for some specific feature, standards that became 
avail _after_ the first version of the feature was produced.

Dunno if any of this applies to the case that made you ask the question, but I 
hope you find these to be valid generic answers.

Cristian Tibirna
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