[Patch] Updated patch for permissions dialog

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at olympusproject.org
Sun May 18 16:34:43 BST 2003

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On Saturday 17 May 2003 01:28, Karl-Heinz Zimmer wrote:
> In fact the similarity of this field with the line-edit on the colors
> dialog makes it quite hard /not/ to become interested in how this might
> work: many people are used to think in RRGGBB when defining a (HTML-)color
> so I expect that normal human curiosity will make several users ask how
> this might work for the file permissions.

file management: done by everyone, little interaction between apps with octal 
values (command line) and those with graphical interfaces for permissions.

graphical editors: used by people working with graphics, the RRGGBB values are 
useful and common (e.g. HTML)

file management needs to be accessable to everyone, graphical editors to those 
who are editting graphics. this means the latter can require a greater 
knowledge of the task, and even then, with the ubiquitous nature of the 
RRGGBB notation it is common knowledge among those who edit images what those 
values mean.

given the fact that illegal values (8, 0945, etc) are possible in octal 
permissions (a QValidator takes care of that, but then the restrictions will 
be curious to many naive users) and that the information is now editable in 
multiple places for no real good reason ... it sounds like a poor design 
choice. and who exactly is going to understand "Corresponding Octal Value" 
who isn't already well versed in such things?! "corresponding how to what? 
and what's octal?" <-- those are the questions we'll face, and as an 
unnecessary addition will be rightfully mocked by those looking at KDE's 

> Having the checkboxes means one can try setting them checked/unchecked and
> seeing the corresponding digit change back and forth...

and few will get the changing pattern who don't already know the connection, 
and even fewer will care about it...

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