template based d pointer class

Ravikiran Rajagopal ravi at ee.eng.ohio-state.edu
Sat May 17 21:57:00 BST 2003

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On Saturday 17 May 2003 04:25 pm, Luis Pedro Coelho wrote:

> I don't know Loki [1-mine]. I can more or less guess what you are hinting
> at, though. And I think that it isn't needed here, so we might as well just
> solve this one problem. Maybe a generic singleton would be nice to deal
> with all the problems dumb singletons can have when you dlopen/dlcose them,
> for example.
> I think this was about a concrete problem Alex is dealing with..

Perhaps I misunderstood Alex. I understood it as follows: let's write this 
clever reusable template solution for this problem as it is likely to recur. 
Since we were planning on reusing it, I thought we might as well make it 
cleaner so that novice KDE programmers can use it too. As you note later, the 
idea is very clever, but I thought a reusable template should guard against 
Murphy. I like your typedefs too, very much in the spirit of MCppD.

To get slightly off-topic, I think it is time we had a Singleton template 
anyway. At least KLibLoader could use it. I could use it in several of my 

> [1-mine]: If you have a copy of "Modern C++ Design" you want to sell
> cheaply in Vienna, tell me ;-)
Sorry, dude. I don't even have a copy of my own, I am a poor grad student :-(

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