PATCH: mouse acceleration improvements

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Sat May 17 16:25:18 BST 2003

Moin Daniel!

> can someone check this patch? It implements wishes 27698: "fractional mouse 
> acceleration values" and 31189: "Mouse acceleration with threshold 0 not 
> possible". It works for me, but I'm mot sure if int() and round() are used 
> correctly.

The patch seems overly complicated and confusing to me.. it does not change 
the return value of getAccel to double / float. 

Also, I don't see the reason for storing the denominator in a configuration 
file, its constant. 

I would just fix the one line that passes the value to XChangePointer to 
generate a denomiator like "fract(double_accel * 10) % 10", and you're done. 


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