[Patch] #29984 Change file permission using octal numbers

Tim Jansen tim at tjansen.de
Fri May 16 20:46:02 BST 2003

On Friday 16 May 2003 20:43, David Faure wrote:
> This looks very good, however it doesn't cater for one thing that this
> dialog can currently do:
> imagine you open the properties dialog after selecting a set of files
> (and/or dirs) that don't all have the same permissions.
> The current dialog will then use "tristate" checkboxes, for the permissions
> that are not the same among the selected files/dirs.
> This would mean a "no change" entry in your combos, I suppose.

Yes, I haven't thought about this, but "no change" would be an option.

> But it also creates trouble for finding out in which mode you really are.
> How does the current dialog do? Well, the "isDir" bool is only set if
> all selected items are dirs. So if you select a mix of files and dirs you
> end up with the labels for files.

Not sure what's a good solution for that is, except maybe create another 
variant for editing files and directories at the same time. 

> The problem is that in your version there are 4 modes, so all sorts
> of mixes between the 4 modes become possible, when selecting multiple
> files.... 

I think the executable variant is not needed. The only important use case that 
I can see is when you download or write a script and want to execute it. 
Probably it is enough to just have that radio button and set an "x" for all 
"r"s when the checkbox is activated. 

If the executable variant is be gone, there would be only 4 combinations left: 
one or more files; one or more dirs; dirs and files mixed; and one or more 
files with unusual flags.

Here is a screenshot of that variant:


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