language support in Qt-3.2

Lars Knoll lars at
Fri May 16 16:13:36 BST 2003


as you might have noticed we released Qt 3.2 beta1 some hours ago. I'd just 
like to give you a small update on the language support we added.

It took me a bit longer than I originally estimated, but now all indic 
languages which I could test (mainly devanagari, bengali and tamil) seem to 
work just fine. Other indic languages should work, but might contain some 
bugs. Additionally Syriac, Tibetan and Khmer should work. As I do not speak 
these languages I would appreciate  any feedback I can get.

The font system uses open type and Xft, so these languages will only work if 
you install open type fonts for them.

This also means that the language support we now have is mostly equivalent to 
what Windows can offer. Qt still misses a few things, as support for correct 
thai line breaking, but we're getting there.

As an example, the screenshots below are taken with konqueror using Qt-3.2

All that is needed is to replace Qt-3.1 by Qt-3.2. I didn't change a single 
line of code in kde to achieve this. When using it, you will however notice, 
that some things (as e.g. selection handling) are still broken and will need 

Have a nice weekend,

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