[Patch] #29984 Change file permission using octal numbers

Dominik Seichter domseichter at web.de
Fri May 16 11:47:31 BST 2003


Am Freitag, 16. Mai 2003 12:27 schrieb David Faure:
> On Friday 16 May 2003 12:19, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> > On Friday 16 May 2003 10:10, Dominik Seichter wrote:
> > > No, I think it is really obvious, because the number changes as you
> > > click on the checkboxes and the check boxes change as you type a
> > > number. At the beginning most users won't care, but after sometime they
> > > will probably see that changing the permission is faster if they just
> > > have to type the number in the line edit.
> >
> > I think this is a fundamental misunderstanding of the user base.
> >
> > *) Most users will never change the permissions on a file using KDE --
> > ever
> Yes. But for those it doesn't matter at all how that dialog looks like :)
Excatly :-)

> > *) Most of those that do don't know octal permission notation
> > *) Most of them don't care to learn octal notation
> But you don't necessarily need to, to benefit from this additional
> lineedit. If you want to set the same permissions on many files, but from
> different directories, or at different moments in time, you can just do it
> with the mouse the first time, note down the number it generated, and reuse
> that number later on to change other files similarly. No need to actually
> understand octal notation to do that, it's only a matter of copy and paste.
That is one advantage I have not thought about, but it sounds good.

> > *) The current dialog is already confusing
> Possibly, but it's also quite inconvenient when it has to be used in a
> repetitive way (as with all GUI things), so every little bit helps.
> I still have to try out the patch or see a screenshot to see how it looks
> like though.
I attached a screenshot. The string "Permission:" can of course still be 
changed to something better. I could also add a tooltip to add an explanation 
for the user.

CU Dom
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