[Patch] #29984 Change file permission using octal numbers

Tim Jansen tim at tjansen.de
Thu May 15 23:59:58 BST 2003

On Friday 16 May 2003 00:05, Germain Garand wrote:
> I fully agree with you, that's elegant and informative.
> Actually, I think this is one of those cases where adding a bit of
> information make things a lot simpler to understand for Joe User.

But this really depends on the audience. First of all, for non-developers it 
is not obvious what the relation between the octal encoding of the bits and 
the checkboxes is. But even worse: I bet that 95% of all computer users do 
not care. For them it is just some visual noise, and there is already enough 
visual noise on the permission page.


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