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Thu May 15 11:50:07 BST 2003

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On Thursday 15 May 2003 09:47, Julian Rockey wrote:
> > So why don't *you* propose a new MDI Policy?  You keep emphasising the
> > MDI can work many different ways, which makes me think that QExtMDI would
> > be very, very bad for KDE consistency unless some strict guidelines are
> > written for its use.
> This would be true if the QExtMDI "mode" were decided at compile time.
> However, as Falk states above, it's switchable at *runtime*. There is a
> difference between inconsistency and flexibility.

I think the possible options should actually be decided at compile time (more 
correctly: at develop time), leaving the user the option to change between 
the modes foreseen by the developer.

The best mode for a given application depends on that very application. I 
don't think that having different modes is bad for consistency, what is bad 
for consistency is having different applications that have the same mode but 
different implementations of that same mode. That is what is currently 
happening where more and more applications are reinventing there own MDI 

I think that including QExtMDI at this point in time gives us an excellent 
opportunity to improve the MDI consistency of KDE applications and given the 
current timeframe for 3.2 I think it will also leaves us plenty of time to 
properly address implementation and API shortcomings that for sure will pop 
up with it.

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