Security question [#58427]

Michael Goffioul goffioul at
Wed May 14 12:41:04 BST 2003

> "When cupsdoprint is killed, the kprinter application is displaying a message
> that shows the user id and password it was trying to use."
> If that's true, then that's a security concern. It shouldn't display the
> password. (See also btw)

This is just debug output, and should be removed, of course.

> I don't see a problem allowing a user to print using another user-id. If the
> user has the credentials to do so, he is apparantly allowed to do so.

At first, I allowed to change the username, than reverted it because I
thought this might be misused regarding print quota. Letting the user
change its identity assumes that on the other end, the CUPS server WILL
ask for a password. If the server is not configured to ask for a password,
any user can use any identity to print, it's really "too easy".
For me, it's a very small code change, but I prefer to have external
opinions before making changes.


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