Moving QExtMDI to kdelibs

Jason Keirstead jason at
Tue May 13 23:41:47 BST 2003

> Your thinking is so application-centered.  Why can't I have the same
> application being used for tow *different* tasks?

Er.. huh? How can a document driven app be used to perform tasks other
than on the documents it provides? Are you saying that I should be able
to browse the web in Konsole? What does this mean?

> Consistency *is* a black or white thing.  Either KDE apps act the same way,
> or they don't.  If every app developer throws up his own special case
> exception, then the desktop is no longer consistent.

What's wrong with the consistancy of "We have a default to SDI, but users can
choose whatever they want".

The only way to gain consistancy is not to put the user in handcuffs. This is not a
viable option for any program.

Jason Keirstead, BCS

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