Moving QExtMDI to kdelibs

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Tue May 13 23:09:06 BST 2003

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> > > Even if QExtMDI would be in kdelibs, I don't think it would be a good
> > > idea to make general use of it, because it introduces complexity and a
> > > potential source for bugs. In my opinion developers should concentrate
> > > on debugging the functionality of an app not the way it arranges its
> > > views.
> >
> > Which is for many apps who work with many documents at once a top point
> > of the functionality, kdevelop would be useless if it splatters the
> > editorwidgets around the screen.
> Here we go again.  IF that's true, then it should be fixed in the window
> manager, instead of making every app its own window manager.
> It sounds to me like you only ever need to do one thing at a time, so you
> don't have a problem of needing different documents on different desktops
> for different tasks.  If you did, then you'd see how this MDI limitation
> is so bad.
Have I ever spoken about ONE window only for all stuff, NO.

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