Moving QExtMDI to kdelibs

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Tue May 13 23:02:48 BST 2003

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> > If this library were in kdelibs, you wouldnt *have* to make that
> > decision, because it has a toplevel mode. In fact, IMO, the ideal
> > situation would be for every single KDE document based app to use
> > this library, with toplevel mode as the default. Then the *user*
> > decides when to use MDI and when to not use it, which is what should
> > always be the situation, IMO. Developers should not dictate to users
> > how they should use their machines.
> Even if QExtMDI would be in kdelibs, I don't think it would be a good
> idea to make general use of it, because it introduces complexity and a
> potential source for bugs. In my opinion developers should concentrate
> on debugging the functionality of an app not the way it arranges its
> views.
Which is for many apps who work with many documents at once a top point of the 
functionality, kdevelop would be useless if it splatters the editorwidgets 
around the screen.

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