Moving QExtMDI to kdelibs

Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett duncan at
Tue May 13 22:18:17 BST 2003

El Tuesday 13 May 2003 09:55, Neil Stevens escribió:
> I would hope that the enforced policy should be something along the lines
> of "MDI should not appear in KDE without explicit user intervention to
> turn it on," but that doesn't seem to be very popular.

Windows-inside-Windows is very bad idea, but I am a very fan user of tabs, and 
other solutions, I agree they have to be turned off by defaults, but I really 
think Kdevelop & Quanta & Kate have no sense without those features, they are 
very productive for programming, where you usually change a few lines in each 
file, and switch between them very fast.

I oppose to having windows-in-windows MIDI in kdelibs, but I agree to have 
other solutions as optional features in some apps, like what Konqueror, 
Quanta, Kdevelop and Kate are doing right now, if you hear user opinions, 
tabbed browsing is a *must have* , users simply love it.


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