KDE 3.2 release cycle

Stephan Binner binner at kde.org
Mon May 12 11:26:27 BST 2003

On Monday 12 May 2003 10:30, Daniel Stone wrote:

> > Either switch to a time-based or feature-based release-schedule now.
> I'm sorry, but this is something I cannot accept. If we start shipping
> releases based on time/features, then we're going to end up with
> something buggy. I'm sure most users would rather have something very

You seem to wrongly assume that "time-based" means the actual release date and 
therefore no more beta/RC releases if there are too many errors? Then you're 
wrong. I mean the date of the feature freeze: Add only the features/programs
which are ready at a given feature freeze date (that's like the last releases
were managed). "Feature based" in opposite would mean to define the features
that have to be in and then delay (endlessly) the freeze until all are there.


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