KDE 3.2 release cycle

Stephan Binner binner at kde.org
Mon May 12 09:08:02 BST 2003

On Sunday 11 May 2003 22:13, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:

> this will also nicely allow maturation of CVS. there is very little emphasis
> right now on extending the core libraries (compared to past releases), and
> this IMHO, is an excellent thing. it means a stable API and an opportunity 

There are new widgets and functionality. I hope that the delay of KTabWidget
ends this week with Qt 3.1 Beta 1. And there will be support for RandR and 
standards like vFolder or a better wm-spec implementation of new kwin.

> this release also seems to be very centered on applications: the groupware
> apps, kopete, juk, kwin, khtml/kjs, quanta, kexi, k3b, etc, etc... i think
> it would be advantageous to allow these apps a bit of time to get really

Kexi and K3B are not affected by KDE release schedule. And khtml/kjs actually
are within the core libraries and represent over one year improvement work 
(since the Apple team began to work on it) already today. Why not ship all
this in 5 months from now as KDE 3.2 omitting alpha kdepim or only Kontact?

> in short, i see 3.2 being:
>  o stabilizing and optimizing the libraries
>  o polishing and improving existing applications
>  o allowing new applications to be introduced as mature entities

I consider Kig, JuK, Kgpg, Umbrello, Kopete and existings as mature enough to 
be shipped as stable and usable releases within 5 months. The only one which 
would fail this timeframe is Kontact? Then exclude it (like Kexi<->KOffice).

> coupled with Nove Hrady in August, this may well mean a longer release
> cycle for 3.2. i don't think that this should become the new standard
> pattern for all KDE releases, but not every release is the same.

Not everything of the results of Nove Hrady will be implementable within 3 
months. Parts will require changes of Qt, so we will depend on the release
date of Qt 3.2/4. Do you really think this will happen before Summer 2004?

> the only real concern i'd have is in the marketing department, and keeping
> fresh in the mind of the user base and the Free software community in
> general. i think this is what Mosfet was getting at originally. i agree

Yes, it will lead to the breakage of KDE's monolithic releases with more
apps being part of KDE or parts released indepently released by someone.


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