KDE 3.2 release cycle

Stephan Kulow coolo at kde.org
Mon May 12 07:32:40 BST 2003

On Sunday 11 May 2003 22:13, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> i agree that Nove Hrady should be an influence in the 3.2 release schedule,
> but am of the opposite viewpoint here: 3.2 should be released after Nove
> Hrady with enough time between the meeting and the release to allow the best
> ideas that can be implemented and stabilized in <3 months to be a part of
> 3.2.

I won't decide how we proceed before we know what we come up with in N7y.
Noone can say if a KDE 3.2 will happen the way we plan it now or if we have such
a good time that we dump out KDE 3.2 and jump onto 4.0 :)

Greetings, Stephan

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