KToolbarButton popup delay (Re: Bug report and feature request)

Gunnar Schmi Dt gunnar at schmi-dt.de
Sun May 11 23:07:38 BST 2003

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On Sunday 11 May 2003 22:55, David Faure wrote:
> [...]
> On Sunday 11 May 2003 19:32, Gunnar Schmi Dt wrote:
> > I want to suggest that the time before the delayed tool bar pops up
> > becomes configurable. Currently it is fixed to 500ms. The reason why I
> > want it to be configurable is simple: Persons who are slow with their
> > fingers.
> To answer your question about whether it's in kdelibs or Qt: it's in
> kdelibs. // Delay in ms before delayed popup pops up
> #define POPUP_DELAY 500
> at the top of ktoolbarbutton.cpp
The place of the fixed time was clear to me. What I do not know, though, is 
the part where the bug is in. (If you tell me whether the bug is in kdelibs 
or in qt I will file a normal bug report.)

> Now, what I'd like to ask is:
> Qt has a configurable delay for "drag time" - it's the minimum time you
> need to click somewhere before it starts a drag. Isn't this quite similar?
> Would it be ok if we used the configurable dragtime in KToolbarButton,
> instead of adding yet another configuration option?

Off course we can use the drag time. It is only important that it is possible 
to configure the time. If there is already a similar configuration option, 
then it absolutely makes sense to re-use this option.

Gunnar Schmi Dt
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