KDE 3.2 release cycle

Rainer Endres endres at physos.org
Sun May 11 20:40:16 BST 2003


Well, I am not really a core developer, so I am not sure if my voice has any 
weight in this, but I can remember the impact the KDE2 and KDE3 meetings had 
on development. Loads of new ideas, features and revolutions got implemented.  

Is it really planned to let all this slip because KDE 3.2 may be in feature 
freeze after Nove Hardy? I know there is branching, but there are too many 
make_it_cool branches already. HEAD should be the place for the heavy 

Stephan, I have no idea, if you have a rough time scale in mind, but please 
consider at least the branching KDE_3_2_BRANCH very shortly after Nove Hardy 
to allow for new features to mature in HEAD and not to being rushed in 

Please take the meeting into account when thinking about the next releases.

On the other hand I really support Stephans point about the bugs. Our bug 
database of open or new bugs is growing constantly. A KDE release with over 
2300 known bugs is not really something to be proud of.

Just my thoughts.


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