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Thu May 8 18:01:39 BST 2003

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  KSplash/ML has been ported to HEAD and the code has been cleaned up. I'd 
like for it to be compiled by default instead of the "old" ksplash. Can I go 
ahead? If yes, can I assign all KSplash bugs to myself?

Here is a list of improvements over the old KSplash:
  1. Plugin API for different coded styles (a la kwin styles)
  2. Theme support (a la kwin color schemes)
  3. Can be used as splash screen by any DCOP-aware application
     a) Ability to set no. of messages
     b) Show icons, messages, etc. dynamically
  4. KControl module to install/delete/choose themes (not plugins though)

Differences/compatibility issues with KSplash:
  1. Reads "themes" currently in $KDEHOME/share/apps/ksplash/pics as a last 
resort which is deprecated as themes should have a "Theme.rc" file.
  2. Does not always show on the primary Xinerama screen. While this is 
trivial to implement, I left it alone for the following reason: if other apps 
use it, it should start on the same screen as they do.

  1. Provide documentation on writing plugins
  2. Theme creator [1]
  3. Resolve "should stay on top of panel" issue [2]
  4. Permanent home for plugins [3]
  5. Provide a means for DCOP-unaware applications to use it

Many thanks to Lubos Lunak, Gerold Wucherpfennig, Stefan Hellwig and others 
for testing earlier versions.

[1] Theme creator support already exists in the code, and I can easily add a 
KControl module for it. However, since many people on kde-devel have been 
planning a unified theme API, I would rather not spend time on coding a 
feature that will be replaced in the near future. Here's my (completely 
ignored) proposal:

[2] Please see for a 
description of the current resolution.

[3] Extra plugins and themes can be found here:
Please be aware that most of the themes have no preview image yet. I would 
like this plugin code to go to some "official" module such as kdeartwork. 
Consensus from the previous discussion on kde-core-devel was that it was ok; 
however, a later thread from kde-cvs indicates that this might be 

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