New Widget: KFontRequester

Nadeem Hasan nhasan at
Thu May 8 18:01:14 BST 2003

Quoting Carsten Pfeiffer <carpdjih at>:

> Looks good to me. Only missing is a d-pointer and maybe accessors to the
> label 
> and the pushbutton. And maybe make the mutators (setFont(), setTitle() and 
> setSampleText()) virtual so that subclassing is possible (even though no 
> direct need for this is apparent).

Actually, I made the slot virtual just for this reason, but I'll make those 
mutators virtual too and add a d-pointer. Also, does anyone know how to make
this widget integerate with Designer? I will add all the property definitions 
to the header but how do I make Designer see it?

Nadeem Hasan
nhasan at

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