[PATCH] Bug 36577: pressing enter when the the backdrop has focus

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Thu May 8 02:06:23 BST 2003

On Wednesday 07 May 2003 22:58, Olaf Jan Schmidt wrote:
> As an example of the currently situation of keyboard accessibility of
> KDE, I compiled a list of accessibility obstacles I found in KMail
> and in KDE generally (using KDE 3.1.1).
> KMail:

Please submit a few bug reports. Else we will probably forget one of 
these issues.

> 1. The context-menu key works for the mime tree and for the e-mail
> list, but not for the folder list, the attachments and the e-mails
> themselves.

> 2. It is impossible to change the sorting order of 
> e-mails using the keyboard. (This refers to all sorted lists in KDE
> programs.)

Well, obviously we need a KDE wide solution for this (KListView or even 
Qt (QListView/QHeader)).

> 3. In some languages (e.g. German), the same accelerators 
> are used for the editor window and the menu, meaning that part of the
> menu is inaccessible.

-> contact kde-i18n-de

> 4. The tab key usage is inconsistent in the e-mail editor - sometimes
> the key moves the focus to the next GUI element, sometimes a
> character is added to the e-mail message. The right column of GUI
> elements is completely inaccessible using the keyboard.

The first part is nonsense. Of course the Tab key can be used to switch 
between different GUI elements unless you are in the text input field. 
How else do you want to enter a tabulator in the text input field. All 
KDE programs which have windows with several GUI elements and some text 
input fields have this behavior.

The second part is of course a valid problem.

> 5. Attachments can be added, but only the last attachment can be
> changed or deleted using the keyboard.

Yeah, that's a bit stupid.

> 6. It is impossible to switch between different parts of the mime
> tree using only the keyboard.


> 7. E-Mails cannot be opened in a seperate window using the keyboard.


> 8. The tab order of the GUI elements in the filter configuration is
> very strange when using more then two parameters.

We already have a bug report for this.

> 9. There don't seem to be shortcuts for directly moving the tab
> cursor to the e-mail list, the folder list, the mime tree ot the
> attachments of a mail. ("Tabbing" through a whole HTML message just
> to access an attachment takes a very long time.)

Yeah. Switching focus between the different panes in the main window 
could really be easier.

> 10. The toolbar is not accessible using the mouse. (This refers to
> all of KDE, but it is OK as long as all functions are accessible
> using the menu.)

All toolbar icons represent actions. And those actions can be bound to 
arbitrary keyboard shortcuts. So this isn't really a problem IMO.


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