MEta-data in Konqueror file tooltips

Tim Jansen tim at
Sat May 3 15:20:41 BST 2003

On Saturday 03 May 2003 14:36, Martijn Klingens wrote:
> Now, with all the above in mind: would there be ways to make previews and
> meta data be available more clever and also work over the network, but ONLY
> if the network is considered "fast enough" ?

Yes, but not automatically - the routers will not tell you how much bandwidth 
each connection has (and even less how much is currently unused). I once 
thought about a SLP-based system for announcing the bandwidth between 
networks, because Desktop Sharing has a similar problem: for the optimal 
settings the client needs to know the available bandwidth at startup. But 
unless the routers support this the administrator has to do it manually, 
which isnt a trivial task in larger networks. And I guess there are better 
ways to spend programming time than solving this problem... for example a 
better way for announcing the network shares.


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