kate / konqy / (smbro) ioslave problem

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sun Mar 30 23:07:48 BST 2003


while debugging my smbro ioslave it seems now I have one bug left.
When trying to save a file from within kate to a remote smb share, an error 
message appears "The file could not be saved. Please check if 
you have write permission."
Nevertheless the file is saved correctly.

There is a second issue which is probably due to the same problem:
if a file is copied to a smb share where a file with the same name already 
exists, instead of the "rename, skip, overwrite" dialog the error message 
"Could not write to [...], cancel,skip,auto skip)" appears.

I guess both problems have the same cause, but I didn't find it yet, 
everything seems to be ok. What could be the problem ? Permissions reported 
by the ioslave ?

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