Broken UIC test

Caleb Tennis caleb at
Thu Mar 27 13:59:26 GMT 2003

> Scratch that: it appears that the problem is local (i.e. no "#include
> <klineedit.h>", but I'm having no luck getting coolo to elaborate on
> what the actual problem *is*.


This is almost certainly a problem on your installation; I see this creep up a 
lot with people installing KDevelop.  You *probably* have an extra copy of Qt 
floating around and the UIC that the configure script is calling is 
referencing that library instead of the one that kdewidgets was compiled 

Another thing you may want to try is rebuilding in the 
kdelibs/kdewidgets directory and reinstalling it.

I've added this to the developer-faq.html on, so I can 
hopefully point future question askers there.  I hope this points you in the 
right direction.


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