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Sun Mar 23 10:17:35 GMT 2003

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Yesterday i backporteda patch in kateviewmanager.cpp to use a syncrounous 
exists to fix a problem with 20 login window poping up.

see Re: [PATCH] kate 20 login boxes was Re: RFC: Syncrounous execution with 
fish ioslave

I have no KDE_3_1_BRANCH copy due to diskspace restrictions so i could not 
test it this morning i saw a mail BRANCH could not be compiled due to a 
missing parameter in NetAccess::exists

> kateviewmanager.cpp:818: no matching function for call to `KIO::NetAccess::
>    exists(KURL, bool, KateViewManager* const)'
> /opt/kde3/include/kio/netaccess.h:151: candidates are: static bool
>    KIO::NetAccess::exists(const KURL&)
> /opt/kde3/include/kio/netaccess.h:165:                 static bool
>    KIO::NetAccess::exists(const KURL&, bool)
>   I updated kdelibs before, of course, but it seems that netaccess.h really
> doesn't contain the form of exists() which katewienmanager wants.
I already fixed this compile problem.
now i'm wondering should the patch to NetAcess::exists be backport to BRANCH 
also since this obviously fixes some problems.

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