RFC: Syncrounous execution with fish ioslave was [PATCH] kdelibs/kio/kio/netaccess.cpp

Willy De la Court Willy.DelaCourt at pandora.be
Fri Mar 21 21:02:27 GMT 2003

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On Thursday 20 March 2003 16:10, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> On Thursday 20 March 2003 15:50, Willy De la Court wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I've tried to submit a patch for synchronous execution of commands for
> > the fish ioslave but some people say it does not belong in the NetAccess
> > class.
> >
> > The question is where should i implement it so everybody is happy with
> > it. Is there a place where ioslave specific (synchronous) code can be
> > placed. Or should it be placed in the NetAcess class but should the name
> > be changed to "fish_execute" instead of just "execute".
> Since NetAccess basically provides synchronous access to KIO::Job
> functionality, I think that this is indeed a suitable place for it.
> KIO::Job has some protocol specific functions such as http_post, adding
> fish_execute would not be much different.
> You could take a different approach and argue that it is more "execution"
> related than that it is related to remote access. From that point of view,
> KRun or KProcess would be more suitable candidates.
i still would need to duplicate some code to make the job syncrounous

> KProcess will be rather impossible though, since kdecore doesn't link to
> kio. You could make a KRemoteProcess that derives from KProcess, but it
> might be a lot of work to get it to behave similar to KProcess.
> KRun isn't really synchronous but rather fire&forget, so I don't think
> that's really an option.
> I would go for NetAccess.

ok so i have your vote for netaccess should i commit it or wait for another 

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