PATCH: am_edit kdeinit library autogeneration

Benjamin Reed ranger at
Tue Mar 18 15:04:08 GMT 2003

Lubos Lunak wrote:
> On Tuesday 18 of March 2003 14:40, Benjamin Reed wrote:
>>Stephan Kulow wrote:
>>>Haem? in lib_ belong only lib*
>>Ahh, well in existing's, there aren't really any examples of
>>people making a <program>.la and putting it in kde_module_LTLIBRARIES.
>>They're all in lib_LTLIBRARIES as far as I've seen...
>>   lib_LTLIBRARIES =
>>If they should really go into lib/kde3 instead, that's cool, not a hard
>>change to make.
>  Apps cannot link against things in kde_moduledir, so kdeinit modules have to 
> be lib_.

The whole point of this generation is that you will not link against, since it's not portable to link against something compiled 
as a libtool -module.  That's why we're creating a 
"" that contains the common code for compiling 
against, and then making the module/binary pair for command-line or 
kdeinit runtime.

>  am_edit already modifies where automake calls itself. You could 
> extend that to call your preprocessor before automake is called (just like 
> it's needed in admin/Makefile.cvs).

automake is called before am_edit ever runs, by the time am_edit gets to 
it, it's too late.  I need to make the *input* to automake.

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