PATCH: am_edit kdeinit library autogeneration

Benjamin Reed ranger at
Mon Mar 17 19:42:47 GMT 2003

Stephan Kulow wrote:

> What bothers me from reading the patch is that I guess you miss some
> install targets for Makefiles that do not have any other _LTLIBRARIES.
> For dcop this works as you have, but what about e.g. kdesktop?

You're right, I just hit this when building konqueror.  The problem is 
if there are no ltlibraries, there's a *ton* of stuff to add, and all 
stuff in which it is reasonable to expect changes in future automake 
versions (up to now, I've pretty much stayed away from automake-internal 
targets except for the am_foo_OBJECTS one).  It ends up not having any 
of the -libLTLIBRARIES targets, not to mention in the particular case of 
konqueror, no .cpp suffix handling!  (since konq is all .cc, but my 
generated code uses .cpp).

The simple fix is to put a fake lib_LTLIBRARIES, but that's ugly and 
hackish, and rather defeats the purpose of making this stuff 
maintainable long-term.

Any suggestions?  Is it maybe more feasible to maybe have am_edit invoke 
a second pass or something?  Maybe I'm going about this wrong... does it 
seem feasible to make a .make/ and then postprocess that to 
get the .in?  It's hackish but would at least be more viable in the long 
term.  Automake appears to not allow passing anything other than 
<foo>.am, so I can't just make a to run through.

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