PATCH: am_edit kdeinit library autogeneration

Benjamin Reed ranger at
Tue Mar 18 13:40:00 GMT 2003

Stephan Kulow wrote:

> Haem? in lib_ belong only lib*

Ahh, well in existing's, there aren't really any examples of 
people making a <program>.la and putting it in kde_module_LTLIBRARIES. 
They're all in lib_LTLIBRARIES as far as I've seen...



If they should really go into lib/kde3 instead, that's cool, not a hard 
change to make.

I've been experimenting with doing things as an automake wrapper 
instead, which basically does this:

1. preprocess to
2. run automake on the
3. translate .Makefile -> Makefile in the resultant, and 
copy it to
4. let am_edit processing continue normally

This *almost* works out of the box, except that automake hand-codes 
itself into the makefiles.  :P

I can't think of any cleaner way to do this than learning python and 
implementing it in unsermake, but this is becoming considerably farther 
over my head than I'd expected.

Any python gurus want to help out?  The changes should actually be 
pretty easy...   :)

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