RFC: KConfig XT (KDE 3.2)

Nicolas Hadacek hadacek at kde.org
Mon Mar 17 16:34:19 GMT 2003

Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> Wow!  Yet another configuration helper class. :-D  The other one is the lib in 
> kmines that is used in several games.  It generates the config's from an xml 
> file.  Unfortunetely it falls victim to the problem that it is hard to
> improve the ui of the settings dialog from what is generated.

I think the settings dialogs should be designed "by hand" (including 
with ui files) anyway.

>  The lib is 
> used in several games (you can probably guess which ones, they all look 
> alike).  I guess I wasn't the only one pondering how to fix this problem.  I 


> At some point in the future I was hoping to convert all of the apps that use 
> the lib in kdegames (and perhaps the apps that use the kpref class too?), but 
> I hadn't approached the authors for permission yet because I know that the 
> authors has invested both effort, time and emotion into the class and I 
> wanted to have a large number of applications already using it to demonstrate 
> it working, how it works, and why it is so nice.

I have no problem for converting these games thought it took some time 
designing these classes. I just want to be sure your solution is 
technically better ; I haven't had a look at KAutoConfig but I think it 
should at least initialize each config widget and also track the state 
of each config value (modified and/or has default value) to be 
equivalent to my classes.
Probably the right test is to see if the patch adds or removes lines of 
code :)

see you,

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