RFC: KConfig XT (KDE 3.2)

Daniel Stone dstone at trinity.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Mar 17 04:40:58 GMT 2003

On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 01:32:28PM -0500, Zack Rusin scrawled:
> I wrote KConfEdit about a year ago and placed it in kdenonbeta. The fact 
> that people who don't like the idea don't know it exists tells me that 
> it's just the right tool. People who wanted to have a tool like that 
> know it exists, people who didn't don't. I think that in itself proves 
> it fits fine in KDE. To be honest I never made KConfEdit what I wanted 
> it to be but I already have a KConfEdit2, which because of my overall 
> dissatisfaction with the amount of KApps I named Tweaker (it's not in 
> cvs yet).

I also have a project on SourceForge for a fully 3D-rendered OS!

Most projects in kdenonbeta are, to quote Neil, in "Stage -1: Pure
unadulterated vapour"[0].

Saying "it's been there for ages, go look, you stupid monkey", isn't
really a valid argument when "there" is kdenonbeta.


[0]: Some later progress to stage -0.5: a few Makefiles with no
relevance to actually anything, that don't even attempt to compile
things, but just break the entire compile. And did I mention the arts
and noatun subdirectories?

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