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I was able to solve the easy level eventually..  so when are you going to look 
at kenolaba? :)  Yeah i suck at these games!

	-ian reinhart geiser

On Sunday 16 March 2003 06:01 am, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> As I was progressing through kdegames a little bit ago I made some
> improvements to kreversi.
> Visually there are three changes.
> -It now uses xmlui
> -It now uses KAutoConfig and has a settings dialog.
> -It now uses the standard kde games high score widget.
> I also modified the "rank" you get when you win.  Now the higher level the
> computer is the higher level the higher your rank can be.  Play on level 1
> the max rank you can get is 10 (or 20 I forget which).  This makes a lot
> more sense.
> I also tweaked the engine.  Before the engine had a range of "Genius" to
> "Super Genius".  Not very much for for most people, giving it little replay
> value.  As many of you probably already know when you would play it before
> even on the lowest setting it was really really hard to win.  I decreased
> the desire of the engine to get the corners and gave it the ability to
> "overlook" moves while searching for a move to do depending on the skill.
> I also fixed some bugs and a segfault that I found.  Best of all the binary
> and source size was dramaticly reduced (reducing binary and source size has
> become my un official mission for 3.2 as I go through the apps it seems).
> Back to the point of this e-mail - After tweaking the engine I would like
> some feedback on what others think.  After having only me and my wife play
> the game over and over we have gotten much better at it so out opinion of
> "easy" doesn't count as much anymore.  So give it a try and let me know.
> -Benjamin Meyer

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