Benjamin Meyer ben at
Sun Mar 16 11:01:39 GMT 2003

As I was progressing through kdegames a little bit ago I made some 
improvements to kreversi.

Visually there are three changes.
-It now uses xmlui
-It now uses KAutoConfig and has a settings dialog.
-It now uses the standard kde games high score widget.

I also modified the "rank" you get when you win.  Now the higher level the 
computer is the higher level the higher your rank can be.  Play on level 1 
the max rank you can get is 10 (or 20 I forget which).  This makes a lot more 

I also tweaked the engine.  Before the engine had a range of "Genius" to 
"Super Genius".  Not very much for for most people, giving it little replay 
value.  As many of you probably already know when you would play it before 
even on the lowest setting it was really really hard to win.  I decreased the 
desire of the engine to get the corners and gave it the ability to "overlook" 
moves while searching for a move to do depending on the skill.

I also fixed some bugs and a segfault that I found.  Best of all the binary 
and source size was dramaticly reduced (reducing binary and source size has 
become my un official mission for 3.2 as I go through the apps it seems).

Back to the point of this e-mail - After tweaking the engine I would like some 
feedback on what others think.  After having only me and my wife play the 
game over and over we have gotten much better at it so out opinion of "easy" 
doesn't count as much anymore.  So give it a try and let me know.

-Benjamin Meyer

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