StatusBar in KMainWindow

Joseph Wenninger jowenn at
Thu Mar 13 16:56:39 GMT 2003


Am Don, 2003-03-13 um 17.28 schrieb Simon Hausmann:
> 3) The documentation (apart from that it talks about a menu)
>    mentions the requirement to connect to a signal of the action.
>    Looking at the patch it seems this is done automatically already
>    (apart from that there is no way for the developer to retrieve
>    a reference to the action because there is no accessor) .
> Simon

I think he meant, that if a developer wants the statusbar status to be saved, but doesn't use
the standard action, he has to call the setSettingsDirty method himself
(or connect his action to that slot.) The standard action, as seen in
the patch already does exactly do that.

Kind regards
Joseph Wenninger

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