StatusBar in KMainWindow

Simon Hausmann hausmann at
Thu Mar 13 16:28:24 GMT 2003

On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 10:00:52AM -0500, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> Attached is the new diff which has the new function that is used to create the 
> Action.

I like that approach, for its consistency with the toolbar handling.

Three minor things though:

1) The set method should take a bool and it should also handle the
   case where it's called with false IMHO. Hmm, not terribly easy
   though, maybe this should be done simliar to the toolbar
   handling, except for using an actionlist instead of a whole
   guiclient component.

2) I'm not sure about the name, because in despite of what the name
   suggests this isn't about a whole menu but a single action (a single
   menu item or toolbar button usually) . How about

3) The documentation (apart from that it talks about a menu)
   mentions the requirement to connect to a signal of the action.
   Looking at the patch it seems this is done automatically already
   (apart from that there is no way for the developer to retrieve
   a reference to the action because there is no accessor) .


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